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uTorrentControl Toolbar helps you manage your torrent downloads
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A lot of people who download stuff from torrent sites use the uTorrent client. One of the constant problems with most clients is the fact that users have to constantly switch between the browser and client window in order to manage their downloads. uTorrentControl is a small toolbar designed to solve this problem by giving you full control over your torrent download list directly from your browser.

One of the biggest advantages of using uTorrentControl Toolbar is the fact that it allows users to control their torrent list remotely. This means that if you are at school or at work, and you find out that you need a certain application or book, you are able to add it to the download queue directly from your location and probably have it on your computer by the time you get home.

The only problem I encountered when using uTorrentControl Toolbar was the fact that I couldn't create the account it requires, as a “Sign Up” button wasn’t available. Going back to the account creation window was a pretty frustrating task.

In the end, uTorrentControl is one of the few toolbars which I actually liked. It may take up some of your valuable browser workspace, but the trade-off is really worth it when you are a regular visitor of the torrent sites.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • It helps you control uTorrent from your browser
  • Allows you to conveniently customize its buttons
  • Offers a quick way of accessing FaceBook and YouTube


  • It tries to change your default browser configuration at the end of the installation process
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